All the Fashionista Ladies out there, get your fashion diary updated with these evergreen and ever new Sunglasses Trends of all time.

What you wear always matters and the same goes with your Sunglasses as well. What distinct and off-centre eye wear you’re carrying always get noticed by plenty. The range of Women Sunglasses available in the market are difficult to count but it won’t cause any harm if we’re updated at least with the few very popular and in demand ‘Shades’ styles.

  1. Wayfarer

The evergreen since ages are these Wayfarer Sunglasses. You could never go wrong with the choice of these and are easily available in many hues. They mostly in a square shape and thick full rims. 

  1. Aviators

The sleek and thin Aviators are ruling the fashion industry since ages. Choice of many, these glasses are curvy round in shape.

  1. Over Sized Glasses

New trend alert is the Over Sized Sunglasses. The thick and sturdy frames will cover your entire circular eye area and will give your more protection without compromising style.

  1. Cateye Sunglasses

Super stylish and in vogue are these Cateye Sunglasses. Crafted especially for womanhood, these glasses enhance the overall look when worn. Corners will be out with fleek and they’ll just make you fall in love with them.   

  1. Half Rims & Rimless

The style icons prefer their glasses to be either frameless or with a Half rim. They give an edgy look and goes well with any clothing style.

  1. Shaped Frames

Oval, Rectangle, Round or Square? not asking about your face cut here, we’re talking about the different Shaped Sunglasses those can add a lot of glam to your look. Pair different shapes with your patterns and your outfit can have the all new look.

  1. Brow Bars

The latest and chic Sunglasses which have created a hype over the fashion industry these days are the Brow Bars Shades. They actually are a thing! Sunglasses with single or double bars over the eyebrow lines is one trendy go-to option you can add to your wardrobe for a funky look.

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