The world of fashion is an ever-changing one; even for the most conscientious among us, those who follow trends and keep a close eye on the newest developments in urban menswear, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not from moment to moment. For this reason, along with the simple tenets of stylishness, it’s often the best idea to go for looks that are versatile and classic – that forgo frills and frothy, trendy accouterments in exchange for shapes, colors and materials that will remain attractive and impressive as time goes on. Timeless clothing is always in style, and even more so when, every so often, people forget about the trends and remember what really matters in a menswear outfit. It’s in these fashion moments that some of the most classic looks find themselves in a resurgence of popularity, which is great not only for the way everyone starts to dress but also for those of us who have been sporting these looks all along.

A great example of this can be seen in the example of cargo shorts. These shorts were long worn by more blue-collar people for workmanlike purposes – hunters and outdoorsmen of all kinds favored them, and some people even tended to associate them with army clothing, especially because they were usually printed in the beige and green colors that characterize those kinds of outfits. However, as time went on, fashion experts and designers all over the world began to appreciate the versatility and effortless balance between casual and stylish that these shorts represented, and they began to make their way into all kinds of menswear collections.

These days, cargo shorts are more in vogue than ever. They’re a look that proves as practical as they are good-looking, they appear flattering on all kinds of bodies, and they can be printed in a seemingly limitless array of colors and patterns. The classic camo print cargo short in particular is having resurgence among stylish young people from coast to coast – and when you see how these shorts look, it’s absolutely no wonder. But the question remains: where is the best place to buy cargo shorts? Some people might say the mall, but the huge crowds, inflated prices and intense pressure of trying to shop in such a stifling environment seem to contradict that assumption. Others might say that going to smaller boutiques is the best way to get the hottest menswear on the market, but this almost always means paying exorbitant prices for a single item you could get at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

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