Spending time on the beach is a highly rejuvenating activity which everyone likes to indulge in as soon as the summer season approaches. With this starts the search for the perfect beach wear for the boys, which is not only comfortable to wear, but stylish as well. A very basic yet extremely famous form of beach clothing is the swim shorts. Thanks to the ever increasing popularity of this garment, today you can choose from an incredible range of designer swim shorts which are ideal to be worn while taking a dip in the water or sitting around the pool. Here is your quick guide to buying the best swim shorts this season.

The length of the shorts can have a significant impact on your overall appearance, as different lengths are suitable for people with different heights. Generally short shorts should be preferred as they suit most body types. If you want them to be any longer, then they should end a few inches above your knees. Wearing shorts which are longer than that can make you seem short; thus it should be avoided, especially by people who are already worried about their short height.

Next comes the fit of the designer swim shorts and it should be considered carefully, because it will not only affect how the shorts look but how you feel in them as well. Men with slim body should avoid wearing oversized shorts, which they usually do under the misconception that it will make them look broad. On the other hand oversized clothing, be it a swimsuit or a formal suit, gives them an even more skinny look. Plus, wearing shorts bigger in size can also make it difficult to swim comfortably.

Getting into the water also means wet shorts, which can prove to be a major hassle if you plan to stay in them longer after the swim. Therefore, choosing the right fabric is essential to avoid the problem of soggy shorts. Ideally your shorts should be made of at least seventy five percent synthetic fabric to ensure it dries fast. Nylon and polyester are at the forefront when it comes to fabrics which have quick drying property and you can opt for either or a mix of two.

As mentioned before, your swim shorts should not only offer comfort but have style as well and a beach or pool is just the right place to experiment with bright colours and bold patterns. While loud patterns do not look very attractive on regular clothing, shorts with geometric or floral print are a hit at the beach. It is worth mentioning here that wearing bright coloured or printed shorts will draw more attention to your mid section, so wear one only if you are confident about your body.

Men are extremely particular about their clothes and always like to dress up in well fitted shirts, latest style of trousers or properly tailored suits; then why should your swimwear be any different. Keep the above mentioned tips in mind and choose a perfect pair of designer swim shorts to flaunt this summer.

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