Let’s picture this scenario: He finally proposed. You will finally marry the love of your life, what an excitement! You have fantasized so much with that day. The official announcement will take place it front of the whole family friends during a beautiful evening dinner, they are expectant, but wait … have you picked among the evening dresses for this important date?

Looking beautiful in any night event is possible with a branded JVN prom dress. Not only you are going to feel it. Your whole environment will admire the beauty and elegance you waste while walking. The new collection of dresses will flaunt your figure, as well as your unique style of wearing it. Every garment should only enhance your attributes. Show it and increase it, being a part of you, an accessory of your person.

Baptisms, for example, propose the use of formal garments. Elegance and simplicity are the key to dazzle this precious night. Find the dress that goes with the celebration. Wrap yourself in its fabrics for the occasion. Assume this hyper-feminine presence that will make you feel sensational.  These type of evening dresses are perfect for any evening celebration.

The color is fundamental in these dresses. Choosing the right color for your personality to shine, colors must be considered. Selecting leading shades in the trends and magazine covers this 2018 spring-summer season. So JVN, an essential brand in the fashion world, shows you a range of colors for you to choose the perfect dress.


This color is triumphing in this season. The hue of this purple resembles the universe and the cosmos. It is impossible that you try to go unnoticed if you wear a color as a beautiful and intense violet. For this 2018, this classy tone was picked as the starring color this season, present in the most famous models on all the catwalks worldwide.

Pink Lavender

Wearing a rose shade never fails, steals glances, attracts attention and causes compliments. It is also a very spring look. It becomes a delicate dress, with flashes of romanticism. Gives the sensation of calm and tranquility, without losing its natural striking.

This color is as perfect for any skin tone. Thus, the shade is the ideal ally for any beautiful lady. You can also wear a different level of makeup using a nude color lipstick and a bit of shimmer. Always try to do your makeup depending on looking elegant and keeping it minimalist. They say that the best makeup is the one that is not noticed.

Blooming Dahlia

Continuing with a palette of bright colors we find the orange, in a very low peach tonality. This vibrant shade will highlight a tanned skin.

Navy Blue

The most outstanding feature of Navy Blue is that all women can use it since it fits all skin tones very well. This is a classic color, like black and red, it never stops being among in vogue all through the year. It will make you look very refined and slender. If you want to be the elegant and sophisticated girl of the night:

Do not hesitate to choose this color for your evening dresses and be the center of attention. You can combine your gold or silver accessories, depending on your style.

You can choose the evening short dresses for informal parties. Wear a long dress for high-end gala parties to look spectacular.


Very few shades of brown come with this season, much less in a spring-summer. This tone, very similar to chocolate, shows the most classic version of brown. Wear it and wear it with a long and fitted dress for your evening. Being a sober color, brown will give you a formal, but elegant touch.

Lime Punch

One of the surprises of the season. This tone of lime with flashes of green is striking or intense. Be careful when using it. If you want to risk and steal your looks wherever you go, this is your tone. Combine the dress with accessories of a single color; you will not want to overload the dress.


The black color always manages to be in the trends of the season year after year, which makes it a timeless color. Using this color in your dress is always and will be a success. It gathers three fundamental characteristics: elegant, beautiful and sensual.

Regardless of the skin tone you have, the color black accentuates with all the skins. To achieve a contrast with the white complexion and adds sophistication to melanin queens.

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