Belts are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe, especially in the workplace. Here are some of the most popular men’s belts available right now. Obviously some of the men’s belts featured here will be too expensive for the average male customer. But there are also trendy men’s belt’s that will not break the bank.

Kooples Smooth Leather Belt

This belt will cost you $112.10 and comes in black, navy blue and brown. It is made with 100% calf skin leather. This belt is perfect for any male’s silhouette. The square buckle makes this men’s belt stylish and simple.

Dolce & Gabbana 2.5 Centimeter Black Polished Leather Belt

This belt will cost you $343.32 and features a gunmetal belt buckle. This belt was crafted in Italy and is available exclusively at Dolce & Gabbana. This belt may be trendy but you must consider some things before deciding to buy it. Be honest with yourself and figure out if you can truly afford this belt. Also make sure it is a belt you will be happy to use five or ten years in the future.

M. Lewin Real Leather Black Classic Suit Belt

 This belt will cost you$48.98 and comes in waist sizes between 30 to 42 inches. This belt will perfectly match any pair of pants you choose, whether formal or casual. This belt has top stitched leather, a light nubuck lined strap and a polished silver buckle.

Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Belt

A Polo Ralph Lauren belt can cost up to $1,750. But you can get a Polo Ralph Lauren belt for as little as $39.99.  Some of the company’s less expensive men’s belts include the stretch waxed cotton belt, the D-Ring Tartan belt and the Skull and Crossbones belt.

The stretch waxed cotton belt is available in dark green or navy blue. The waist sizes available in this belt are medium, large and extra large. This belt is a mixture of cotton, elastic and leather, making it perfect for wearing every day no matter which pants you choose. More specifically, the belt is made with vachetta leather trim and rugged waxed cotton. The braided stretch design gives this belt texture.

The D-Ring Tartan belt is available in navy blue, green or black. The waist sizes available in this belt are large and extra large. This belt has a double D-Ring closure. The belt’s overlay and webbing is 100% cotton. The belt’s trim is 100% leather.

Do not buy a certain men’s belt just because it is trendy right now. A lot of trends fade over time anyway. Instead look at price and trendy men’s belts and use that information to inspire your purchase of a budget friendly men’s belt. Do not break the bank and go into debt just to follow a men’s belt trend that may end by the next month or week. At the end of the day, it is just a belt, a long piece of leather that keeps your pants from falling down. The last thing you men want is buyer’s remorse over a fashion staple such as a belt.

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