Winter is coming in fast, and there is need to get prepared. You need to get the right kind of cloth and shoes; you also need to get your home properly heated to make the interior comfortable. While shopping for winter dresses, never forget to add top quality hand gloves that can serve you for your dress wear, casual uses, and active wears.  The right kind of glove must have exceptional insulation performance, wash-ability, and water repellence. This buying guide for winter gloves for men will guide you on how to go about buying adecent pair of hand gloves to make the winter months comfy for you.

Check below for information on how to buy the best winter gloves for men, your choice of winter gloves should depend on the purpose of acquiringthem:

Winter gloves for outdoor activities

The right winter glove to buy for your outdoor activities should have three layers as highlighted below:

  • A waterproof shell
  • An insulation layer
  • An inner liner

The insulation layer should extend all the way to your fingertips.  It can be made of synthetic material or feather, depending on the brand of winter gloves you are buying.  The inner layer helps to wick away moisture and, therefore, keep your fingers and palm dry all day long. Also, the glove should be smooth to remove when your hands get clammy or sweaty; this consideration is critical if the glove is to be used for shovelling snow, skiing, and other active outdoor pursuits.

Winter gloves for every day casual use

The best type of winter gloves for casual use should be made of materials like

  • Fleece
  • Spandex
  • Polyester

These elements offer extra warmth to keep your hands free of the winter-cold effect while you are about your outdoor or indoor activities.  The right type of winter gloves to opt for in this situation should have a minimum of two layers, which are:

  • An outer shell layer
  • A lining layer

The two layers work together to trap in the air and improve warmth.  You should try the glove on before buying it. Make sure the elastic material at the wrist is not too tight, though it should be snug.  Also, the glove should be adequately extended to cover the cuff of your jacket; you can even tuck it in under the hem.

Winter gloves for your dress

The right type of winter glove to buy in this situation should be made of leather; leather has a high level of water resistance, and can, therefore, keep your hands dry all through the winter.  Aside from the leather material, the right type should also be lined with cashmere or wool lining. Usually, this kind of winter glove is sold in traditional size, using the old scale, which involves measuring the wrist length by the number of buttons required to fasten it.  When buying, go for dress gloves having button length of 3 or 3.5; this way, there will be no gap between the glove and your coat cuff.  Finally, it is better to buy dress gloves made of fleece, polyester and spandex combination; gloves made with such materials are easy to wash and look dressy.

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