Cycling can be a lot of fun, especially if you do it right. The bicycle has been renowned as the most efficient means of travelling, helping you lose weight while also allowing you to cover large distances with minimal effort. Compared to other means of travel, almost all of which burn fuel to move, the bicycle requires energy from the rider, thus helping you stay in shape and contributing to your overall fitness. However, wearing the right gear when you go cycling is very important. While you can essentially cycle wearing whatever you want, putting on a pair of cycling shorts, a jersey, a helmet, and some cycling shoes could go a long way in improving your performance on the pedals.

If you have ever seen a cycling race, you might have noticed that they all wear a cycling jersey. There are many benefits that a jersey provides and if you are really serious about your cycling hobby, you should definitely consider investing your money in buying a jersey. Here are just some of the many different benefits that the jersey offers.

Helps in Wicking Moisture

Standard clothing is generally made from fabrics that retain moisture. If you are cycling during a period of hot weather, it won’t be long before you start feeling clammy and uncomfortable. The sweat is going to make your clothes wet as well, thus making you feel colder, especially if you are riding against a lot of headwind. There have been numerous cases where people have contracted hypothermia just because they were not wearing the right gear. A jersey, on the other hand, is made from polyester and fabrics that actually help in wicking moisture; they can easily draw the dampness away from your body and help to wick moisture. This will help keep you dry in all kinds of atmospheric conditions, allowing you to ride without any issues.


Ordinary clothes are generally loose and when you ride fast, they are going to flap in the wind. This will increase the amount of air resistance, ultimately causing you to pedal harder and exert more energy to cover a shorter distance. However, cycling jerseys are designed to fit the body and hug you perfectly, thus minimising the amount of air resistance and also reducing the chafing that might be caused by the loose fabric.

These jerseys are also slightly longer in the back so that your lower back is not exposed when you bend forward to ride. On top of that, there are pockets located in the lower back area where you can easily keep your valuables such as your mobile phone or your GPS device along with your wallet and other things. When you go shopping for a jersey, make sure that you try it on first and check the fit. The jersey should not be too tight or too loose and should have a comfortable fit to ensure maximum comfort as you go riding over longer distances.

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