Every morning you wake up, one of the clearest things that you have to decide about, is what you wear. No one wants to be mistaken for who they are not, especially when it comes to clothing. The best way to dress up and look great is to keep in mind the goal you want to achieve. The article describes some of the various checks that you can use to spot the right dress code for any occasion.

Understand the Function

First in the priority list, is getting to know the best outfit to wear for the function you will be attending. Office work demands formal dressing, and casual wear works out best for non formal events. For the casual and formal functions, there are two extremes that you should also consider.

An extreme- formal function calls for absolute official clothing. A good example is a board meeting. While you can wear khakis in your formal workplace, a board meeting will call for a higher standard in your dressing code.

An extreme- casual function calls for some more free style. Going out on a date would have a different form of casual wear, than would a beach party.

Your Goal

Dressing can be done for the purpose of achieving whatever goal that you want to achieve. Clothes make statements for you, and you can use them as an aid, or as a weapon. Depending on what you want to achieve, knowing what to wear will assist you in delivering the message you need to deliver to your audience. As an example, an authoritative person may want to spot a red tie on, to emphasize a position of authority.

It’s also well known that the book is always judged by the cover, and people will think about you, in the way you dress. A classy dress code will make people think highly of you, and a chubby look will not turn heads.

Accessories matter

Whether or not you are dressed in official or casual code, the look will always seem incomplete without an accessory. Just as a man would want to have a watch on his wrist as an accessory, most women will prefer having a handbag and a tørklæder. A scarf makes the picture complete for a woman, especially if it has floral prints. While a plain scarf is the best option to try on, a bold print if well matched will always give you the perfect desired look.

Also for women, an exquisite facial make up that matches the occasion will always work as a bonus for you. If well done, facial make up helps to embolden your looks.


Know how to match colors rightly. Colors can be confusing especially for men and if blue is your favorite color, it is possible to find yourself sticking with blue clothes, if your favorite color is blue. If color matching is a problem, you can always seek help from a person you trust.


This is one of the clearest points that people miss when it comes to dressing up. Unlike women, most gentlemen will daringly walk into their office in a nice suit, and their favorite designer sport shoes. For women, matching the shoes is not a problem, most often, but having the right size of the shoe can be a problem.

To work your way around shoes, the best thing to do is to establish the right fit for your shoes. Have a professional shoes seller help you out in fitting the right kind of shoes.

This knowledge will help you cut on the time spent in trying to think out what the best clothes to match your occasions are. Try sorting your clothes into the four categories of clothing- standard formal, extreme formal, standard casual, extreme casual- and tag the right accessories and shoes.

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