Everything is organised – the flights, the hotel, the hat and the sunscreen. But what else are you going to wear? Holiday dressing can take a little more thought than you might anticipate. Creating attractive looks that are also totally relaxed and casual doesn’t happen by magic when you grab clothes from the wardrobe and shove them into a suitcase.

Wrap and wear

The wrap dress is one of those perennially stylish items that travels well and won’t look out of place at lunch on the beach or going out for cocktails later. Choose a bright print or a fresh floral design. For more tips on how to wear a wrap dress, see this article in The Guardian.

A pair of roomy linen trousers can be a versatile addition to your repertoire. Teamed with a bikini top, an oversized shirt or camisoles, this is a garment that easily goes from day to night. Jumpsuits are now a fashion must-have, and one of these could take you sightseeing and then on for drinks and dinner.

Stylish separates

A shirt in white linen is one of those classic pieces that can be teamed with all manner of items, from a denim skirt in blue or back to different styles of jeans, or it can be thrown over a swimsuit when you want a cover-up. A pair of flattering denim shorts is another staple that can work hard for you on holiday. Pair them with the linen shirt, a bikini top or pull them on over a well-cut one-piece swimsuit and you are ready for sightseeing or lunch on a yacht.

Maxi dresses are available in a range of styles and fabrics and can be mixed with all kinds of accessories and look chic while being flowy and comfortable to channel the vacation vibe. If you’re wondering what the most on-trend maxi dresses are like, why not visit AX Paris for a wide range of the latest maxi dresses?

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so feeling confident, looking good and being comfortable will all add to the success of your trip. Choosing items that can be dressed up or down and combined with other garments to create a range of looks will give you the versatility and variety to cater for all occasions.

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