Getting the wedding hair styled for the bride will largely be determined by the type of headpiece or veil the bride will happen to be wearing. There are a number of options available, including hats, caps, crowns, combs, and wreaths. Once the headpiece has been selected, the big question is, does the bride wish to wear her hair up or down? Here are some recommendations:

Caps, Hats and Combs

Caps and hats are seldom worn by a bride, but if they are, hair should be worn down. It can also be straight or curled, either throughout the hair, or only at the ends. If the hair is put up on top, or at the back, the hat will hide it, and the cap will also divert attention from it.

Simple combs with veils can work with practically all hairstyles. Be that as it may,should the bride decide to wear her hair down, straight or curly, the teeth of the comb will not be too stable and secure. The bride may then wish to pull the sides and or the front of her hair back so that the comb can have some interlocking hair to fastenonto.

Crowns, Wreaths and Veils

Crowns and wreaths, can be viewed as a half circle or as a whole circle on the head. If the bride is clothed in a simple casual dress, the wearing of her hair down, straight or curled is a suitable look. She may even partially pull some of her hair back. Putting the hair up will give a much more formal look, or it can be simply gathered up into a bun, or for the most breath-taking look, it can be stylishly curled.For the best wedding hair and makeup in Perth, make sure to use renowned and professional stylists.

Currently, the most popular look for the bride is a wreath with a veil, and the hair up and curled. (Don’t forget that a wreath is not limited to a simple circle of flowers!). Most bridal headpiece wreaths are made of small white beads or other wedding type of materials. The hair is then gathered up to the top back of the head, and secured with some kind of hairband. The resulting tail is then sectioned and curled. This result is simple to create, but very elegant and effective.

Short Hair, Grooms and Guests

Brides with short hair also have choices. The hair can be worn straight, curled, or wavy, just like with long hair, and practically any headpiece will be most flattering.

Grooms should hopefully want to look their best too, and most good men look great with a fresh haircut, however, should the groom have long hair, simply wear it in a neat ponytail.


Family, friends, and wedding party guests should definitely not try to out-do the bride. She is the most important lady of the day, and should clearly stand out as the most formal and graceful woman there.

Look not only good, but great!

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