Every new parent wants to gift their kids with jewellery. Many popular brands are available in market with their lucrative designs and looks. But Gempetit jewellery becomes so popular today because of its quality. As the tagline ‘Fine jewellery, with love’ it promises the best quality jewellery. Most of the jewellery brands fail to make it to the last as they are not delicate as Gempetit Jewellery.

One of the questions which bothers most of the would-be moms is whether it is safe to wear jewellery during the course of pregnancy or not. The toxic materials which is embedded on the jewels has a chance to pass on to the mom along with the baby in due course. Erosion of metal or contact with sweat is one of the common aspects in this regard. The message is clear that you need to avoid cheap or costume jewellery during the course of pregnancy.

What is Gempetit jewellery?

Gempetit is a great brand loved by every mother and children. It is a great place to buy various cute jewelleries liked by the little ones. They can be bought in a just click. Jewellery sold in Gempetit are crafted in 18K gold. The jewelleries are mixture of timeless beautiful designs with a pinch of fashion that too in an affordable rate. The vast collection of Gempetit jewellery which comprises of yellow gold, white gold, diamonds, pearls, enamel, precious gems maintains high quality on a daily basis. The Gempetit jewellery compiles:

  • The jewelleries are fully safe for pregnant ladies, new born babies and kids as they are allergy free. The making process totally abides the rule for kids and expectant moms.
  • The price at they are offered are very affordable. And they can be ordered in just a click.
  • All the products are certified and tested.
  • Some lounges or outlets are available in India where from anyone can try and check the quality and designs of the jewelleries. These outlets are located at Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur and Indore.
  • After ordering the delivery or shipping they provide are absolutely free. Even same day delivery is provided in Mumbai.
  • The packing of the jewellery is the most attractive thing they offer. The box containing the jewellery is accompanied with certificate of authenticity.
  • Until the delivery done all the jewellery are insured by Gempetit. Thus, it is totally safe to buy Gempetit jewellery.

Who created Gempetit jewellery?

The full range of Gempetit jewellery is created first by Dhriti Goenka. She is an entrepreneur who launched India’s first luxury jewellery brand for pregnant moms and children. She was inspired to launch some jewellery which will be stylish at the same time safe for children and pregnant ladies to wear.

How Gempetit jewellery earns its familiarity?

Gempetit jewellery after being grounded became famous rapidly because of its features like, reliability, purity, designs, finish, and packaging. Their intricate handcrafted designs are solely only for children and pregnant ladies. The jewelleries are made specially keeping their wishes and needs in mind.

Thus, Gempetit jewellery being a delicate piece for pregnant ladies and babies would be a best gift for them and their family. Various types of jewelleries are available which suits everyone’s different taste and budget along maintaining the same quality.

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