A few years ago I had the same desire that you yourself may be experiencing right now. A  kind of concern to create something striking, and at the same time Princess Mononoke according to new trends, in order to conquer the podium of successful and innovative companies in the industry. After all, it is an aspiration that is not only natural, but even healthy. In the guide that you are going to read next, I will share with you my particular experience so that it is useful to you when setting up your online store. And in order for this store to grow and meet your expectations Following the methodology you will find in this article, you will be sending a message to a very promising market niche: That of people who need to buy gifts and do not have time to go out to look for them.


  • We come to one of the critical aspects of any online store : the budget.
  • It is time to stop thinking Totoro that everything is free on the Internet and that you do not need investment to create an online store.
  • I’m not going to stop to detail how much an online store costs , especially since it depends a lot on the specific needs of each project, but I do want to give you some basic recommendations that you should take into account.

You can never spend your entire budget on the creation of the platform

  • Do not spend more than 30-35% of your budget on the creation of the online store.
  • With this I do not mean that you can create an online store and think that it will work well with € 1,000.
  • Once the platform has been created, you have only started with the business.
  • Now comes the most complicated part: getting them to know you and that store has visitors .
  • For this, online marketing is fundamental and that is where you will have to invest the remaining 65-70% of your budget.
  • If you have a physical business, you can always find equivalents between offline and online investment.
  • An example that I almost always put is the location of the business.

If you have to rent a place, the first thing you do is buy furniture and condition it to offer a good feeling (there is the creation of the store). But renting is not the same in the center of the city, in a shopping center or in a town of 100 inhabitants. The monthly expense will be different.

The same thing happens on the Internet and that “local” can be on Google’s front page, in third or in the thirtieth (either with advertising or organically).

The people who will find your store will not be the same and will depend a lot on your investment and work in online marketing.

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