Kohlapuri chappals are handcrafted slippers made from leather. A pair of kohlapuri chappals or Kolhapuri shoes can complement a jeans and t-shirt look as well as ethnic fashion wear like saree and salwar kameez. These chappals have gained popularity across India and the world the traditional kohlapuri chappals come in a tan brown color, with intricate thread designs woven onto the flap, at the center red fur ball attached. However, with the passage of time these chappals have gone through various new designs and styles, with each chappal and shoes being designed as per preferences and requirements. These days one can find kohlapuri chappals in wide range of colors starting from green, red, pink, gold, silver, purple, blue, yellow, black, orange; the list is endless. Whereas kohlapuri shoes are mostly available in brown color.

Certain twists within the basic style can also be tried, with double-sided flaps, or extra embellishments in form of, pearls or stones, which make the kohlapuri chappal suitable for all occasions.

Elaborate events such as weddings, parties, engagements, and religious occasions. Kohlapuri chappals basically come with a flat sole, however with recent innovations in Indian fashion, one can also find kohlapuri chappals with heels which add more glamor to this unique footwear.

Geometric patterns and funky designs have also been incorporated in the traditional kohlapuri chappals and Kohlapuri Shoes which make them a must-have for ladies keeping them at their fashion best. The price range for these chappals and Kohlapuri shoes varies depending on from where you buy and what kind of design you are looking for. Local markets offer inexpensive and pocket friendly Kohlapuri shoes and chappals, whereas, the more expensive kind is available at high-end stores. These chappals are also available online on different shopping sites and can be delivered at any location.

A unique factor concerning these chappals is that they’re androgynous, and can be worn by men as well.The kohlapuri chappals add instant traditional and ethnic appeal to any ensemble, whether it’s a simple karat, sari, or a lehenga. They are principally worn for casual apparel, however the additional elaborate kind will be worn for occasions that need additional éclat.

We have got a wide range of Kolhapuri chappals and Kolhapuri shoes which is surely going to make a place of it in your wardrobe.  Have a look at some of the collection of kolhapuri chappals and shoes and grab one before your friend surprise you by wearing one.

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