Many people may not be aware of the fact that some parts of the body don’t have oil and sweat glands or even pigment for that matter. Hands, feet and lips are some of those parts and most of all; the skin on the lips is really thin and need special care. Thus there has always been an imperative quest to find the most moisturizing lip gloss that one can use at all times, especially during winters. However, before you get into the search mode, gain comprehensive information about lip moisturizing.

What to know:

Hydration is really important for the whole body and it helps to keep lips looking good as well. It is a well know fact that skin looks healthier when it gets the right amount of hydration. It is very important to use a humidifier during winter to combat hot dry air inside a home. Hydration is important to keep skin healthy when people spend time shuttling between the indoors and outdoors during all seasons. Chapped and cracked lips usually happen due to the lack of enough fluids in the body. Especially during cold weather, using a good moisturizing lip gloss over lip balm, some sunscreen and a scarf can keep lips from chapping.

What to do:

There is no need to invest in expensive lip balms. There are quite a few ingredients available in the kitchen which can be used to help care for skin. The first step in the process is to exfoliate – gently rub a mixture of olive oil and sugar over lips. Once the exfoliation process is complete, follow it up with a lip balm. Balms containing beeswax, jojoba oil or Vitamin E provide lips with emollients and hydration. This can be applied often along with a most moisturizing lip gloss to keep the lips looking fresh. Sunscreen is important for lips as they don’t have pigmentation and can burn from overexposure. One thing to keep in mind is to use medicated balms as little as possible. They contain ingredients which may irritate the delicate skin.

Finding the right moisturizers:

Lipsticks offer coverage and protection from the sun and quite a few available currently on the market have SPF included. It is a good idea to use moisturizers under lipsticks or the most moisturizing lip gloss available in several different shades to make sure that skin is cared for. Hydration is very important as well.

One good tip for people to keep in mind is to try and avoid using flavored or scented lip balms as they just get licked off and require more frequent applications. Lip balms usually soothe dry chapped skin and offer relief in a short amount of time.

For those who can spare a few minutes, there are so many natural remedies available in their kitchens that they can get the help they need without having to worry about allergies and so on. It is easy enough to prepare some of these concoctions and have them handy for regular use.