Be it any occasion, event or functions, all of us want to look our best. Today different dressing options and styles are available in the market. People all over the world; prefer to dress according to the fashion that is in style. T-shirts are one such type of clothing that has been in existence for more than 100 years but still remain very much in fashion.

T-shirts also known as Tees; is a style of shirt that has got its name from its shape. It is normally associated with short sleeves, a round neck line, without a collar. But however, today they are available in different forms including long sleeves, buttons, collars and v-necks. T-shirts are very popular among men, women as well as children.

It is believed that t-shirts originated in the 19th century and during that period it was used as an undershirt. But today they are considered as very cool and fashionable piece of clothing and hence have occupied a prominent place in all the wardrobes. It is impossible to find even a single wardrobe without t-shirts. The casual nature, the comfort they provide and the easy maintenance makes them the most preferred choice of clothing.

Today they are an important fashionable clothing item in the market, they can be decorated with pictures, texts, images, photos, and slogans thus they have flourished as a medium of self expression. Varieties of t-shirts are available today. Some of them include funny t-shirts, cool t-shirts, logo t-shirts, slogan t-shirts, LED t-shirts etc. T-shirts also play a very important role in the field of marketing, as many advertisers are using them for advertising products, films, services, companies etc. With the growth of online marketing, you can today find out the latest trends and fashions in the market and place your order. There are some online stores that only deal in the sale of t-shirts; such stores maintain latest trends and fashions. T-shirts of all styles, forms, patterns, designs and sizes are generally available with them.

21st century has witnessed the practice of customizing t-shirts. Today you can design your own t-shirt, for this all that needs to be done is contacting the company that customizes t-shirts and place your requirements before them; they will get the same incorporated on your t-shirt. These companies use digital printing such as direct to garment or DTG printing that enables you to wear a t-shirt that speaks your mind. This is one of the latest trends and is fast gaining prominence.

Thus a lot of changes and improvisations have been brought about in t-shirts over the last 100 years. From the plain white undershirts, they are today used as a powerful medium of expression and are occupying an important role in the field of marketing. Environmentalists are too using t-shirts for spreading awareness messages. The future of this fashionable garment looks very bright as designers and manufacturers continue to introduce new styles, trends fashions and uses. Thus, t-shirts dominate the list of fashionable clothing and will continue to do so in future too.